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From 1897 the Renieris company, located in Foiniki village (Lakonia prefecture), one of the most ancient settlements in Greece, is producing and packaging excellent quality olive oil and olives.

Already since 850 B.C., the Phoenicians had set up a commercial station in order to take advantage of the high quality laver shells that, according to Pavsanias, existed only at the shore of Lakonia. Approximately in the 5th century B.C., at the north area of Foinikio, as the ancient name of our village was, temples were built dedicated to Apollo Hyperteleato, including various other shrines for Asclepius, where, in accordance to the found inscriptions, the main shrine of the federation of Eleftherolakones was located. During the entire year, pilgrims would flock from every city of the Laconic federation.

This religious importance of the region, in combination with the exploitation of the olive trees and olive oil production, elevated Foinikio to a significant commercial center.

Today, Renieris family of Foiniki proudly produces an excellent range of olive oil and olive products, utilizing the crops of the whole area at its state of the art olive oil press and bottling facilities.

The quality of our products is reflected in the awards we were honored with. In September 2000, our company was awarded by the European Union with the GIOVANNI MARCORA prize for its contribution to agriculture, environment and nutrition.

In July 2007, it was awarded with the CARLI award for its extra virgin olive oil, produced by the local olive oil producers in the facilities of our company.
In April 2008, it participated in the PREMIO BIOL GREECE 2008 competition, where 24 organic olive oils were compared from all over Greece. It received the first position for the organic olive oil produced by its associate organic farmers and shall represent our country in the largest international expo exhibition for organic olive oils, held in Monopoli, Italy.

In July 2003, our company achieved the acknowledgement by the European Union of the extra virgin olive oil produced in the geographical area of Foiniki community, as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

In the past years we have achieved many of our goals but we know well that our pursuit of excellence will never stop.

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